Singer/songwriter Robbyne Kaamil is a passionate animal activist and wrote this amazing song, which she sang at this past weekend’s Miracle March for Lolita! The premise? Slavery is slavery. Robbyne, in her inspiring speech to the more than 1,500 people who gathered from around the world in Miami this past weekend to demand Lolita’s freedom from her tiny tank at the Miami Seaquarium, compared previous struggles for human empowerment to the struggle to secure Lolita’s freedom. This demonstration marked a turning point in the anti-captivity movement. Please watch this extraordinary music video, which Robbyne gave me permission to rebroadcast, and then sign the petition to demand the government declare Lolita “endangered.” That would pave the way to return her first, to a protected cove close to the location from which she was abducted from her family 45 years ago, and then to freedom to be reunited with her pod in the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. Please sign the Change.Org Petition and tell the government (NOAA) to declare her endangered.

Coming up later this week: the stars turn out for Lolita! Here’s Joanna Krupa, of Real Housewives of Miami and Dancing With the Stars fame, crying after the Lolita demonstration.