JaneUnChained EXCLUSIVE: My interview with Ady Gil, the LA based Israeli mogul who just bought an estimated 1,400 monkeys to save them from being shipped out of Israel to laboratories and/or monkey breeding facilities that supply labs. The number has risen as they are being counted.

Since selling his state of the art high definition company that provides equipment for major televised events, Ady Gil has focused on animal activism, devoting his considerable fortune to helping animals. His foundation, Ady Gil World Conservation, has now committed to caring for these monkeys for life. AGWC501.org now needs the help of other animal lovers to help care for and build a sanctuary for these innocent and highly intelligent beings. I have personally committed to adopting one of these monkeys for life. We need 1,400 other caring individuals to do the same. Donna and I will also be flying to Israel with Ady Gil to videotape the monkeys at their current location, Mazor Farm, outside Tel Aviv. Jane UnChained.com will be sending out nightly reports from Tel Aviv in February! Go to AGWC501.org to learn more! Get involved!
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