Animal lovers: this is huge! You know a movement is trending when it takes over Manhattan’s famous Bryant Park! This holiday season, more than 80 shops went 100% VEGAN. From veggie soups to pies made out of nuts, holiday shoppers have been gobbling up delicious… and I mean really delicious… vegan food! This is mainstream! Hundreds, probably thousands, of non-vegans who have no knowledge of the health or environmental benefits of the vegan lifestyle are chowing down on vegan food… because it tastes so good! The fabulous ecorazzi profiled Bryant Park’s Winter Village.
Now, in his very first report for, our delightful new correspondent Ken Price scours the vegan Winter Village at Bryant Park, eating up a storm! Check it out! I think he did a fantastic job for his first time out as a reporter! Spread the word #VEGANBRYANTPARK – OPEN THRU JAN 4TH